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Boutique Wealth Australia

Helping Australians to achieve their  life goals by managing  money in superannuation, investment and retirement.

BWA manages and advises on a range of investment solutions including individual portfolios, model portfolios, separately managed accounts (SMA) & diversified multimanager funds. 

You’ll find our solutions on a range of superannuation, investment and pension platforms. 

If you’d like to find out more about our range of offerings please contact us at info@bwau.com.au and we can direct you to an appropriate financial adviser for advice.including

BWA Diversified Fund

Target Market Determinations are designed to assist you decide if these products will be suitable for your investment needs, goals and preferences.

Please Refer to the TMD in conjunction with the PDS & AIG

To obtain an application form for BWA Diversified Fund please contact us on info@bwau.com.au

About us & what we do

Boutique Wealth Australia BWA is an investment, asset & portfolio design and management business focused on delivering high quality solutions to assist our clients manage money in super, investment and pension.


The team at BWA manage in excess of $2.5b across various investment solutions.

To find out more please contact us: info@bwau.com.au 


The BWA Defensive models are designed to achieve a consistent income return by investing in mainly income asset classes.


The BWA Growth models are designed to generate both income and capital growth by investing in mainly growth asset classes.


The BWA Blended Growth Models are designed to generate both income and capital growth by investing in a mix of all asset classes.

Our Portfolios

BWA advises on a range of investment solutions primarily designed to suit our clients investment timeframes, risk profile and needs, goals and objectives. Our portfolios are formulated and managed on the long standing and proven investment process of our investment committee.